Wheels Up Review ✈ Private Jet Charter Prices Pros and Cons

Wheels Up Fact Sheet

Parent organizationWheels Up
Founding year2013
License typePrivate
Headquarters address601 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10001
What other services do they offerMembership only
What types of charters they are offeringCore and Business Memberships
Support contacts:email:
Airports they are usingUS-based airports
Aircraft offeredlight, mid-size, super mid-size, and large cabins
Average charter prices for 10 US cities​​from $2,000 per hour
Information about their C-level team and founderKenny Dichter, Bill Allard, and Justin Firestone

About Wheels UP

Wheels Up is a frontline private jet charter company that connects its clients to the best available private aircraft. It prides itself as a one-stop-shop for exceptional and personalized private jet service. 

This private jet charter company is the first private aviation company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). It also has its aircraft it uses for operations. However, it has other third-party aircraft.

It generally has five different types of aircraft which are: King Air 350i, Light jets, Mid-size jets, super-mid jets, and large-cabin jets. It is also keen on innovations and adherence to the highest standards for clients’ safety. 

This company has a Wheels Up Safe Passage department that implements its stringent safety procedures. Before getting on board, the company provides adequate personal protective equipment.

Wheels Up also has effective ID Verification protocols for its clients. This requires its passengers to either place their IDs on a clean surface. It also has a set of pre-packaged snacks and water on board for its customers.

Wheels Up Logo

This company ensures its clients have an amazing time on board. It has over 1,500 private aircraft and only uses certified aircraft.

This company uses DOT/FAA certified operators. All its operators have multiple third-party certifications. Its operators are world-class, leading operators such as TMC Jets, Mountain Aviation, among others.

This company was founded in 2013 with headquarters at 601 West 26th Street New York, NY 10001. The founder and CEO is Kenny Dutcher.

Wheels Up Charter Homepage

Wheels Up services

  • Members and non-members private jet charter service where clients can book private aircraft at a cost-effective rate. Its membership comes with loads of exclusive benefits. An example is the dedicated concierge that offers members access to excellent hospitality and travel experiences around the world. 
  • It offers aircraft management. It helps aircraft owners in the proper management of their aircraft.
  • It also offers aircraft sales: It acts as a broker that buys and sells airplanes.

Why Choose Wheels Up

Choosing this company helps you get personalized service. It has exclusive terminals and clients don’t need to join the long queues at the airport.

You can be sure of maximum luxury and safety while onboard. The flight booking process is also seamless. Choosing this company is simply opting for the most amazing travel experience ever.

Prices Examples From Wheels Up For Most Popular USA Destinations

The prices of the common USA private jet destinations can be summed up as follows:

Teterboro to Miami Opa Locka Airport

  • Price: $15,300.
  • Type of Aircraft: King Air 350i

Teterboro to Boston/Bedford

  • Price: $5,600
  • Type of Aircraft: King Air 350i

Burbank to Las Vegas

  • Price: $7,000
  • Type of Aircraft: King Air 350i
  • For Wheels Up members, it has a fixed flight cost at these hourly rates:
  • Large-cabin jet: $12,995 per hour
  • Super-midsize jet: $9,395 per hour
  • Midsize jet: $7,795 per hour
  • Light jet: $6,495 per hour
  • King Air 350i: $5,295 per hour
Wheels Up Most Popular USA Destinations

Pros and cons of Wheels Up private jet charter

The benefits of engaging the services of Wheels Up include:


  • It has a seamless booking procedure. It has an app where clients can easily search for their preferred aircraft option and see the real-time pricing for their trips. The booking procedure is just comfort at its peak. 
  • It has the Wheels Up membership scheme that offers customized private jet charter service to its members. It organizes periodic, signature events for its members where they have amazing private outings 
  • This company has dedicated concierges that provide top-notch hospitality and travels experiences to the clients while on board. The company collaborates with Four Hundred – a premier lifestyle management and travel firm- to deliver full-service concierge services to its members on board.
  • Its members also receive over $35,000 worth of exclusive benefits through its partnership with several world’s leading lifestyle brands.
  • It also collaborates with Delta Sky Miles to offer its clients unique access and benefits that other companies do not offer.
  • It has a wide array of aircraft and its clients can choose their preferred aircraft from over 1,500 different aircraft.
  • The company has a dynamic pricing model that allows (non-member) clients to see the pricing displayed when booking flights. During flight booking, clients get to know the pricing for their trip. They would also see the best available trip across all aircraft categories based on travel dates and times. This allows them to select the most suitable aircraft pricing.
    Its app also highlights the high-demand dates, so that clients can easily know possible higher pricing of those dates ahead. 
  • With just 24 hours’ notice, you can get on board here. You don’t have to book your flight earlier before your travel period. 
  • With them, clients don’t join the queue. It offers its clients exclusive and luxurious travel experiences. Clients only need to arrive at their departing airport some minutes (like 20 minutes) before the departing time. 
  • This company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. So, it has a high competitive edge in the industry. Its stock has a bullish market growth of 2.40%.


  • It doesn’t have a wide scope of operations. It’s only available for flights between urban centers in the USA.
  • Although it has a quite high number of aircraft (1,500), this number is still significantly lower when compared to many other private jet charter companies.

How to book a flight with Wheels Up

  • Download the company’s app on a Google play store or Apple store.
  • Fill in the necessary details such as travel date, destination airport, baggage specification, number of passengers, etc.
  • Thereafter,  choose your preferred aircraft.  You would see the real-life pricing of each aircraft. As noted above, there is a fixed hourly rate for your flight as a member.
  • Proceed to provide your credit card.

Summary of Wheels Up

This is indeed an amazing company. Members do not only have access to incredible arrays of aircraft, but also high-end networks and events. 

The ease of flight booking here is commendable. Its app is also user-friendly. 

It offers excellent flight experience, more so with its nimble concierges. The pilots and flight attendants are always friendly and helpful.

FAQ About Wheels Up Charter

What is Wheels Up?

Wheels Up is a aviation company that provides membership-based private jet charter services. It was founded in 2013 by Kenny Dichter, who previously co-founded Marquis Jet. As of 2020, Wheels Up had a fleet of over 100 aircraft and offered service to more than 3,000 airports worldwide.

What services does Wheels Up charter offer? 

It provides membership-based private jet charter services.
Wheels Up offers two types of memberships: Core and Business. The Core membership includes access to the company’s app and website, as well as its 24/7 member support team. Business members also have access to additional concierge services and partner programs.

How do Wheels Up work?

Wheels Up is a private aviation company that offers members access to flight standby allowing them to avoid the hassles of commercial air travel like long security lines and expensive last-minute tickets. The company provides flexible membership options, as well as aircraft management and parts sales services.

How long has Wheels Up charter been in business? 

Wheels Up is a American charter membership company that was founded in 2013 by aviation entrepreneur Kenny Dichter. It is headquartered in New Raceaching, Connecticut. The company has over 8,000 members and operates a fleet of 85 aircraft.

Are Wheels Up charters expensive?

Yes, Wheels Up charters can be expensive. But for those who can afford it, the service offers a lot of value. Not only do you get access to a fleet of private jets, but you also get to bypass the hassles associated with flying commercial. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic.

How much does it cost to use Wheels Up charter?

The basic membership starts at $17,500 per year and provides access to 10 round-trip flights. The most expensive membership costs $200,000 per year and comes with unlimited flights.

What are some of the benefits of using a Wheels Up charter?

Here are just a few of the benefits of flying with Wheels Up:
-You’ll have access to the members-only app, which makes booking a flight super easy.
-Flying on a charter plane means that you’ll avoid the hassles of busy airports and long security lines.
-They offer complimentary ground transportation to and from the airport.

Who are the target clients of Wheels Up charter? 

The target clients of Wheels Up charter are businesses and individuals who need access to private aviation without the hassle and expense of owning or leasing a plane. Wheels Up offers memberships that give customers access to a fleet of over 300 aircraft, as well as discounts on fuel, ground support, and other services. The company also provides concierge services to help members book flights and plan trips.

What is the process of booking a Wheels Up charter?

To book a charter flight with Wheels Up, you first need to find an airport that they fly out of. You can do this by using the “Find Flights” button on their homepage. From there, you can search for flights by departure airport, arrival airport, date, time, or aircraft type.
Once you’ve found a flight that works for you, simply click on the “Book Now” button and follow the steps to complete your booking. You’ll need to provide your contact information.

What are the restrictions on flying Wheels Up private jets?

There are a few restrictions to keep in mind when flying Wheels Up private jets. First, all members must be current on their membership dues in order to use the services. Second, only air-worthy aircraft that have been regularly maintained can be used for Wheels Up flights. Lastly, jet card holders may only fly on certain aircraft types and models that have been approved by the FAA for commercial service. Any other aircraft would need to go through a special approval process before being allowed to fly under the Wheels Up banner.

What amenities are included in the Wheels Up charter?

When you fly with Wheels Up, you can expect a few lavish amenities that will make your experience even more enjoyable.
-For starters, all the aircraft come equipped with WiFi so that you can stay connected even while in the air.
-The cabins are also outfitted with large TVs where you can enjoy a variety of entertainment options, and our premium Leather seats are fully-reclinable so that you can kick back and relax during your flight.
-Healthy snack and beverage selections are available onboard as well.
-World-class customer service team who are always happy to attend to any needs or requests you may have during your travels.

Why do we recommend chartering with Wheels Up?

We recommend chartering with Wheels Up for a number of reasons. First, they offer a variety of airplanes to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Second, they have a great safety record and are certified by the FAA. Third, they are committed to providing excellent customer service, so you can be assured that you’ll be taken care of throughout your entire trip. fourth, they have a network of over 4,000 airports around the world, so you can fly to almost anywhere you want to go. Finally, their membership perks program offers a variety of discounts and benefits that make flying with them even more attractive.

What are the most popular destinations for Wheels Up charter?

The most popular destinations for Wheels Up charters are typically coastal resort towns like Aspen, the Hamptons, and Cabo San Lucas.

How do you choose the right private jet for your trip with Wheels Up?

Here are a few factors you should consider when making your decision:
-How many people are flying? You’ll want to make sure the aircraft you select can accommodate everyone in your party comfortably.
-How far are you flying? Some smaller jets may not have the range for longer trips.
-Do you need any special amenities? If you’re looking for specific features like a fully stocked bar or Wi-Fi, make sure the aircraft you select has them.

How safe is it to fly with Wheels Up charter?

Flying with Wheels Up is extremely safe. The company has an impeccable safety record and their pilots are some of the best in the business. In addition, all of their aircraft are meticulously maintained and regularly inspected. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands when you fly with Wheels Up.