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Some remote US destinations to tempt you to travel

Alright, so we can’t really consider a holiday just yet. We are still being advised to travel locally and stay at home as much as possible. Yet, this doesn’t mean we can’t dream and there are some choices available that would make travel a reality much sooner than you might think.

If your urge to travel has only been super-powered by the sense of isolation, then you might be surprised to find out that you could jump on a charter flight to some remote destinations and be at no greater risk to yourselves or to others. Sound interesting? Let’s explain some more.

Travelling by charter plane

Your first barrier to travel will be the flight. All transportation experts suggest that travelling on public transport and social distancing will not work. There are very few global airlines that could always afford to fly a service at 25% capacity. Even if you could get on a plane, you might find sharing air with a host of strangers is a risk too far.

Fortunately, chartering a jet is a possibility – and one that could be made manageable with some clever matchmaking with other families close to you. When you charter a plane, you can modify your itinerary in the way that suits your hopes for the holiday and will keep your family the safest. You can, for instance, avoid all the major hubs. Many of the exclusive destinations are accessible with a charter plane and only the briefest of car journeys.

Your potential destinations

For some people, a holiday is about finding peace and living as a recluse in a faraway hideaway. This means we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit places where we can easily socially distance.  Let’s take you through some of the most tempting US destinations.

Post Ranch Inn, California

If you are going to charter a plane and celebrate being alive, you might as well do it in style. The Post Ranch Inn offers an upscale retreat, which is a euphemistic way of saying you will pay through your nose for luxury and beauty. However, this is a secluded resort with only 39 rooms sat on a 1200-foot cliff overlooking the Pacific. The site offers guided hiking, yoga, and tours of the chef’s garden. To top off the experience, there is an award-winning wine cellar. OK, now I am sold!

Mustang Monument, Nevada

Animals and nature, in general, have flourished since we were asked to shelter at home. Therefore, now is the perfect time to connect with the outdoors and see what the world has to offer. Mustang Monument is an eco-resort that is dedicated to the protection of wild mustang horses. If you want to get lost in the Old West, then this is the place for you.

You can take part in adventure activities such as archery and off-road excursions, as well as expeditions to see the wild mustangs. However, if you want something a lot more relaxing, then you should take in some of the spa treatments.

Amanguri, Utah

This resort is part of the Aman Resort group, so you can be guaranteed the experience will be one of luxury and decadence. The Amangiri is like an oasis in the Utah desert, which itself is a stunning landscape of raw beauty. Landing at the nearby Page Municipal Airport, you will be able to move through the terminal checks without meeting a soul and arrive at the resort in a matter of minutes.

The resort itself is a massive 25000 square metre spa and hotel. There are not only foot spas, water pavilions and private outdoor pavilions, you are also encased in a 600-acre private sanctuary. The menus offer at this resort are inspired by the Navaho and the focus is always on sustainability.

You can isolate yourself at the resort and not worry about doing anything other than relaxation and admiring the sites natural beauty. However, there are opportunities to use the resort as a base from where you can visit Lake Powell and other national parks close by.

Rabbit Hill Inn, Vermont

Rather than the southwest, how about popping up to the northeast. The Rabbit Hill Inn was voted the best hotel in the northeast in 2019 and is a 19-room romantic getaway. The inn has done all it can to put COVID-19 protocols in place and although you will share the venue with others, you will be kept safely distanced. You can easily access the inn from Caledonia County Airport, with only a 20-minute drive once you land.

You will enjoy your luxury room with its own fireplace and mountain view. It even has double whirlpool baths – not a bad experience with a bottle of bubbly. The food is locally sourced and traditional recipes from the region – and there are a host of craft beers to enjoy.

Is it the right time?

People are rightly cautious of stepping out into the world again. We have been asked to put our lives on hold and given stern warnings about the consequences of infection. Although it will cost a little more, chartering a flight to remote getaway resorts could be the holiday you need. Travel by jet and access to these resorts will help you maintain the biosecurity protocols that are so vital to our health – while at the same time giving you a chance to get away from the stresses of these strange times.

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