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Why Travel to Costa Rica?

Private jet Charter Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Latin America over the last decade, and it’s easy to see why. Beautiful beaches, deep tropical jungles, and some of the warmest and most welcoming locals you’ll ever encounter may all be found in this Central American paradise. It’s also a stable democracy with a low crime rate, which has attracted a thriving expatriate community from the United States and other countries. Surfers, hikers, wildlife enthusiasts, and adventure seekers of all kinds flock to this small country.

Costa Rica’s allure is attributed to its lush jungles, pristine beaches, and diverse fauna. It’s easy to understand why, with stunning scenery and a diverse range of wildlife ranging from toucans to monkeys to jaguars. Where else can you spend a few days hiking active volcanoes, ziplining through cloud-covered rainforests, and surfing warm turquoise waters? 

Exhilarating outdoor activities abound in this compact yet diverse tropical paradise. Nature lovers will explore dense woods, while beachgoers will relax on white dunes. It’s difficult not to be enthralled by the splendors that this “Rich Coast” has to offer.

Popular Airports For Private Jet Charters To/From Costa Rica

Are you looking for a private jet charter to San Jose, Costa Rica? This intriguing city is accessible by a slew of airports, making booking a private jet charter to or from San Jose a breeze. The following airports are among them:

  • Toba Bolaos International Airport (SYQ):

This airport is named after a well-known Costa Rican aviator and is primarily used for general aviation. The airport is 6 miles from downtown San Jose and is located in the Pavas neighborhood. It has one asphalt paved runway, and a few firms operate private charter services from this airport daily.

  • Juan Santamara International Airport (SJO):

This airport is largely for San Jose residents and is located near Alajuela, about 12 miles from downtown San Jose. The airport, which has one asphalt paved runway, is named for a national hero who died in 1856. In 2010, almost 4.3 million passengers passed through this airport, making it one of the busiest in the country. The airport was recently upgraded.

  • Quepos La Managua Airport (XQP):

This airport is roughly 3 miles from the Costa Rican city of Quepos and 103 miles from San Jose. It has a single asphalt-paved runway that is primarily utilized for general aviation.

  • Guápiles Airport (GPL):

This airport, which serves the Guapiles city and is located in Costa Rica’s Pococi Canton, has one concrete runway. It is located 40 miles south of San Jose.

  • Palmar Sur Airport (PMZ):

Palmar Sur in Costa Rica is served by this airport, which has one asphalt paved runway. Planes for hire

  • Tortuguero Airport (TTQ):

This airport serves the Costa Rican village of Tortuguero and currently has one asphalt paved runway. The distance between San Jose and this location is 72 miles.

Private Jet Charter to Costa Rica

Private Jet Charter Companies To/From Costa Rica

Villiers Jets Charter:

Villiers Jets Charter is a private jet charter company. They offer a range of services, from luxury air travel to emergency evacuations.

They are one of the few companies that offer both domestic and international flights, so no matter where you need to go, they can help you get there. And their service is always tailored to meet your specific needs, so you can be sure that you’ll have a comfortable and stress-free experience.

Basic private jet charter to Costa Rica typically starts at around $7,000.


Find more about the service and prices on Villiers Jets Review.


Evojets is a private jet charter company that offers its customers access to a fleet of over 4,000 aircraft. Founded in 2006, Evojets is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company has a team of aviation experts who work with each customer to find the best aircraft for their needs and budget.

In addition to providing private jet charters, Evojets also offers aviation consulting services. These services include helping businesses select the right aircraft for their needs, negotiating leasing and purchase agreements, and providing expert advice on all aspects of aviation.

Whether you’re looking for a private jet charter or aviation consulting services, Evojets is the company to call. With over 10 years of experience

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Imagine flying into Costa Rica in a private jet from EvoJets and being able to explore some of the country’s most spectacular sites quickly, conveniently, and easily, including:

  • Volcano Poas
  • Puerto Carrillo
  • Manuel Antonio National Park
  • Ujarrás
  • Celeste River

For the seasoned visitor, Costa Rica provides a wide range of possibilities. Costa Rica also has a diverse range of exports, and the country’s economy is expanding, making it a popular destination for business travelers.

IcarusJet Charter:

Icarus Air Charter is a Chicago-based air charter company that provides private jet charters and aircraft management services. The company was founded in 2010 by brothers Michael and James in response to the growing demand for private jet travel. Icarus Air Charter offers its clients a customized, concierge-style experience that takes care of all the details of their travel arrangements. The company has a fleet of Gulfstream, Learjet, and Citation jets that are available for charter, as well as access to over 4,000 other private jets through its partnerships with other charter companies. Icarus Air Charter’s services are ideal for business or leisure travel,carrying up to 19 passengers per flight.

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Icarus Jet charter agency offers aircraft ranging from light jets to heavy jets in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Any private jet rental from Dallas Fort Worth to Costa Rica is an easy-breezy 3 hours and 40 minutes journey, and they recommend scheduling the charter flight for an early morning departure to land just past noon in San Jose Juan Santamaria International Airport. 

Cost of Private Jet Charter to Costa Rica

Here are the costs from Dallas to Costa Rica with Icarus Jet Charter:

For a round journey, Citation XLS costs 45000 USD. This aircraft also makes for a comfortable 6-hour coast-to-coast journey, thanks to its stand-up cabin, lavatory, and galley. It’s a really accommodating eight-seat airplane with club seating and a Divan in the back.

For a round trip, the Challenger 350 is 55000 USD. This plush super mid-size plane features a stand-up cabin and a full galley with a microwave and oven. The Lav is a stand-up model, and the Divan and club seats can be transformed into lay-flat beds with ease.

For a round journey, a Hawker 850XP costs 45,000 USD. This mid-size airplane has seating for eight passengers and a tiny galley with snacks and beverages. The lavatory has a sink, cabinets, and is nearly a stand-up cabin.

Costa Rica Travel Guide

Costa Rica Travel Guide

Relax and take in the breathtaking landscape to completely immerse yourself in the good life. Surround yourself with exquisite butterflies at the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, stroll along the majestic Arenal Volcano, mingle with the locals in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, or simply relax in a hammock under a palm tree on the Nicoya Peninsula. We’re confident you’ll discover the pure existence as well.

Costa Rica’s Top Attractions

Here’s a list of notable Costa Rican monuments and attractions that everyone should see at least once in their lives – top picks you’ll want to think about if you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica.

  • Monteverde cloud forest – take a walk across a suspended bridge for a bird’s eye perspective of the woodland.
  • Manuel Antonio National Park has unspoiled beaches and beautiful tropical forests teeming with sloths and monkeys.
  • Volcán Arenal – From basking in hot springs to forest zip-wiring, Arenal volcano offers a variety of activities.
  • Experience sulphurous smoke clouds and hot mud pots on route to an enormous waterfall at Parque Nacional Rincón de la Vieja.

Trying the native cuisine is a must-do when visiting Costa Rica. Ticos refer to it as comida tipica (“native” or “local” food), and it’s good and modest, with unique regional variants found along the Caribbean coast, with its Creole-influenced cookery, and in Guanacaste, where there are remnants of the ancient indigenous peoples’ maize use. Gallo pinto (“painted rooster”), a breakfast of red and white beans with rice that is commonly referred to as the national dish, is a must-try.

FAQ About Private Jet Charter to Costa Rica

What are the benefits of flying a private jet to Costa Rica?

There are many benefits to fly private to Costa Rica. For starters, a private jet allows you to bypass commercial airports and their associated hassles, such as long security lines and delays. Instead, you can fly into Costa Rica’s smaller, more convenient airports that are closer to your final destination. This can save you valuable time when you’re trying to get away on a last-minute trip or get the most out of your vacation time.

What airports in Costa Rica are best for private jets?

There are a handful of airports in Costa Rica that cater to private jets, and each has its own advantages. Here’s a look at some of the best options:
Jorge Castro International Airport (Palmares, Alajuela Province) – This airport is conveniently located just 60 kilometers from downtown San Jose, making it a great option for those looking to get to Costa Rica’s capital city quickly. It also boasts two runways (one 4,200 feet long and the other 6,600 feet), making it capable of handling even the heaviest private jets.

How long does it take to fly from a U.S. airport to Costa Rica?

Depending on the airport, it can take anywhere from about five to nine hours to fly from a U.S. airport to Costa Rica.
The shortest flights are usually from Miami or Houston, and the longest flights are usually from Los Angeles or San Francisco. The time it takes to fly from one U.S. city to another varies depending on the distance between the two cities, but it typically ranges from about three to six hours.

What is the process for booking a private jet charter to Costa Rica?

The process for booking a private jet charter to Costa Rica is relatively simple. You can either call one of the many private jet charter companies or you can go online and search for a company that offers flights to Costa Rica.
Once you have found a company that offers flights to Costa Rica, you will need to provide them with your travel dates and the number of passengers in your party. The company will then provide you with a list of planes that are available for your specific travel dates and will also give you a quote for the cost of the flight.
If you decide to book the flight, the company will then require a deposit to reserve the plane.

Are there any restrictions on what can be brought into Costa Rica on a private jet?

There are no restrictions on what can be brought into Costa Rica on a private jet, as long as it is for personal use. However, there are restrictions on what can be brought in for commercial purposes. For example, you cannot bring in more than 2 cases of beer or 1 case of wine per person. You also cannot bring in any fresh fruits or vegetables, except for personal consumption.

Why people are choosing to fly private to Costa Rica instead of taking commercial flights?

The main reasons people are choosing to fly private to Costa Rica instead of commercial planes are the following:
-Increased privacy and comfort – on a private plane, you have your own cabin with no one else on board, which means you can relax in peace and privacy. Plus, you get more legroom and can enjoy extra amenities like a fully stocked bar and snacks.
-More flexibility – with a private jet, you can choose your own departure and arrival times, which is ideal if you want to avoid long airport queues or if you have a tight schedule to keep.
-Faster journey time – flying by private jet means that you avoid all the typical delays caused by commercial flights.

Is the cost of flying private to Costa Rica worth it?

Yes, the cost of flying private to Costa Rica is definitely worth it. Compared to commercial flights, private flights are much more comfortable and provide a lot more privacy. Plus, you avoid all the hassles associated with airport security and baggage check-in.
Overall, flying private is a much more enjoyable and relaxing experience than flying commercial. And when you factor in the cost savings, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to fly private whenever possible.

What are the customs and immigration procedures for entering Costa Rica via a private jet charter?

The main drawbacks to flying private to Costa Rica are the high cost and the environmental impact.
Flying private is expensive, and it’s not always more efficient than flying commercial. It also has a significant environmental impact, because private jets produce more emissions than commercial planes.

Is it recommended chartering a private jet to Costa Rica?

There are a number of reasons why chartering a private jet to Costa Rica may be the best option for you and your party. The first is that it can save you a considerable amount of time. When you fly commercial, you have to arrive at the airport early to check in and go through security. With a private jet, you can come right up to the plane and board when you’re ready. This can be a big time saver, especially if you’re flying into a busy airport.
Another advantage of chartering a private jet is that it allows you to customize your travel experience. You can choose your own departure and arrival times, pick the aircraft that best suits your needs.

What are some things people should know before flying a private jet to Costa Rica?

When flying to Costa Rica, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, make sure you have all the necessary documents in order. You’ll need a passport, as well as a visa if you’re staying for more than 90 days. You’ll also need to get vaccinated against yellow fever if you’re coming from certain countries. Secondly, remember that Costa Rica is on Central Standard Time, so don’t forget to adjust your watch accordingly! Finally, be aware of the country’s customs regulations. duty-free limit is $500 per person, and you can only bring up to one liter of alcohol per person into the country. So plan accordingly and enjoy your trip!

What are the most popular destinations for Private Jet Charter flights from Costa Rica?

The most popular destinations for private jet flights from Costa Rica are the United States, Mexico, and Panama. Many people choose to fly to the U.S. because there are so many options for private jets that can accommodate large groups. Mexico is a popular destination because of its close proximity to Costa Rica and the fact that there are many luxury resorts available. And Panama is a popular destination because it’s home to Tocumen International Airport, which is one of the busiest airports in Central America.

Which is the best private jet charter to Costa Rica?

If you’re looking for the best private jet charter to Costa Rica, we highly recommend using XOJET, Villiers Jets and EvoJets. We’ve used their services numerous times and have always been impressed with their professionalism, safety record, and overall experience.

How long does it take to fly with a private jet from Los Angeles to Costa Rica?

It typically takes around 4-5 hours to fly from Los Angeles to Costa Rica on a private jet. This includes time for takeoff, cruising and descent. The actual flight time will depend on a number of factors, including the type of aircraft being used, the weather conditions and the airports involved.

What is the average price for a private jet charter to Costa Rica?

The average price for a private jet charter to Costa Rica is $7,000.
However, there are many factors that can affect the price of your charter, such as the type of aircraft you choose, the time of year you travel, and the length of your trip.