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Low-Cost Private Jets: The Top 5 in 2019

When you think of someone that owns a private jet, it’s likely that you’ll conjure up images of some of the most famous and powerful people from across the globe. After all, a private jet is something that only the wealthiest of people are able to afford, right?

Well, actually, you might just be intrigued to know that some private jets currently on the market might just be well within your budget. That’s because, when it comes to private jets – whether they be a small, midsize or heavy variation – there are several makes and brands that are available to buy for far less money than some of the industry-leading private jets. Which means, you might just be able to add a private jet to your wish list.

So, if you’re seriously considering buying a private plane, or you’re curious to see what’s available, here are 5 of the lowest-priced aircrafts available to purchase today:

Cirrus Vision Jet

Type of Jet: Very Light

Cost: $1.96 million

It might be small, but you’ll never call this Cirrus Vision jet weak. That’s because, with an impressive Williams International FJ33-5A turbofan engine, this private plane is incredibly nippy. Now, for some, a smaller jet might not feel like the height of luxury, however, this kind of plane should be thought of as your own little personal plane. As, this is the kind of jet that is ideal for someone who wants to be their own pilot and enjoy all the freedom that comes with flying your own jet.

That doesn’t mean this Cirrus Vision Jet is only catered for those looking to fly, though, as this jet is still luxurious for its passengers. The cabin is 5ft wide and 4ft tall, which is rather spacious for such a small jet, and seats five passengers (and an additional two children depending on age). This luxury feel is continued with an entertainment system, USB points for your devices and impressive mood lighting. Even better, that attractive looking V-tail design also helps reduce cabin noise to make for a more pleasant flying experience.

Your Cirrus Vision Jet has a range of around 1,150 miles and can cruise at 345mph.

2: Cessna Citation CJ3+

Type of Jet: Light Jet

Cost: $8.3 million

Perhaps you like the idea of a smaller jet, but the Cirrus Vision is just too small for your needs. Well that’s where the Cessna Citation CJ3+ comes in as, while still a light jet, it can take a maximum of nine passengers, holds an impressive 1,000 pounds of baggage and even comes with a belted lavatory. The cabin itself is 4ft10 wide and tall, with a length 15ft8, which makes for a roomier experience than you’d expect from a smaller jet. Plus, with 14 windows to enjoy the view, swing-out seating and Wi-Fi, your passengers will be kept happy for the duration of the flight.

The jet itself is designed for one pilot and it’s up to you if you want to fly it yourself or hire a pilot. Your Cessna Citation CJ3+ has a Garmin 3000 touch screen avionics system and a total of 2,040 nautical miles. This jet also features a wingspan of 53ft, which gives you better lift and smaller amounts of drag for a better flying experience.

3: Cessna Citation XLS+

Type of Jet: Midsize Jet

Cost: $12.8 million

Not only is Cessna one of the best-selling private jet brands, the Citation XLS+ is the most popular model of jet for business travelers and those seeking luxury travel alike. That’s because this midsize jet appeals to a number of needs, in particular, it works well for both shorter and longer journeys in the air. Which makes it ideal for those who travel to a lot of different destinations, as this jet can travel 2,100 nautical miles at a max speed of just over 500mph.

For the cabin, you’ll find it’s bigger than the Citation CJ3+, with a width of 5ft6 and height of 5ft8, which creates a comfortable experience for a maximum of nine passengers. The jet’s seats are the height of luxury, as these leather seats can be reclined and have foldaway tables – although you can choose to have a side-on couch instead. There’s even a small space where food can be prepared.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Citation XLS+ is the fact it can be flown from short runways, meaning this jet is suitable for some airports that other planes cannot reach.

4: Cessna Citation Sovereign+

Type of Jet: Super Midsize

Cost: $18 million

If you’re after the best in corporate jets, you can’t go wrong with the power and versatility of the Cessna Citation Sovereign+. Suitable to both short take-offs and long-haul flights, this impressive aircraft can hold 12 passengers, offers a highly customizable cabin and lots of amenities. These include Wi-Fi and a control system for your lights, window shades, entertainment and lighting. Plus, with options for a leather couch, executive table and swivel seating – you can choose to make your Sovereign+ a luxurious jet for your family or turn it into an office in the air.

Performance wise, you will find this Sovereign+ can fly an impressive 3,200 nautical miles, has Pratt & Whitney PW306D turbo fan engines and can even carry an incredible 1,425lbs of luggage – so no one will need to skimp on their suitcases. Even better, with specially designed winglets to improve range, you’ll find that this jet can take off at far smaller runways than others in its class as well as airports with obstacles that some jets cannot handle. This allows you to visit airports that similar jets would not be able to reach, such as Aspen.

5: Embraer Legacy 650E

Type of Jet: Heavy Jet

Cost: $25.9 million

Looking at the price of the Embraer Legacy 650E might make you baulk, however, considering that many jets of the same size can come in at over double this price – i.e. the Gulfstream G550 costing around $61 million – this impressive jet is actually incredibly cheap. Especially when you consider that the Legacy 650E is the height of luxury.

With seating a maximum of 14 passengers, this jet has one of the quietest and biggest cabins in the heavy jet class. Even better, the roomy cabin can be split into three different areas, which allows for an area for people to relax or work as well as a separate place for others to rest or sleep. It even has one of the largest toilet spaces of jets of a similar size. Which is good, as with a 3,900 nautical mile limit, this powerful jet is more than suited for long-haul flights. There’s even an ethernet entertainment system, which provides internet – ideal for both working or simply watching movies to pass the time of your flight.

Engine wise, the Legacy 650E has two Rolls-Royce AE3007A2 engines, which is powerful enough to keep everyone happy. Plus, with an astonishing 10-year or 10,000 flight hour guarantee, this jet is not only a bargain price-wise but a very shrewd economical purchase too.

Other Costs of Owning a Private Jet

Keep in mind, although many of the jets featured on this list can feel like a bargain, the list price is far from all the costs associated with owning a private jet. You will need to insure your plane, store your plane in hanger space and you might wish to spend money on customizing your cabin interior to suit your needs more. Planes also need regular maintenance, which is often the most expensive part of owning an aircraft. Then, when it comes to flying, if you need a pilot, you will face charges here as well as airport charges and the fuel you need to fly.

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