Jet Linx Review ✈ Private Jet Charter Prices Pros and Cons

Jet Linx Fact Sheet

Parent organizationJetLinx Aviation, independently owned.
Founding year1999
License typePrivate
Headquarters address26180 Curtiss Wright PkwyCleveland, OH 44143
What other services do they offerOpen specials and open seat exchanges
What types of charters they are offeringAll. They have 800 aircraft in their fleet.
Support contacts:phone: 402-991-8060 
Airports they are using20 cities across US
Aircraft offeredall
Average charter prices for 10 US citiesstarting at $500 per hour
Information about their C-level team and founderJamie Walker, CEO

About Jet Linx Private jet Charter

Jet Linx Homepage

Jet Linx is a private jet charter company with access to a wide number of aircraft such as light, midsize, super-midsize, and heavy aircraft. It has aircraft such as Laser 40, Phenom 300, Beech Jet 400A, Hawker 400XB, Falcon 50, etc. Whatever trip you want, Jet Linx is your go-to.

It offers convenient service to its clients. It has a ground facility, locally-based pilots, and aircraft to enhance efficient and convenient service. It has access to over 5,000 airports.

Jet Linx also has its private terminals. Its clients don’t have to join the queue before getting on board. All they have to do is to arrive at the airport within 15 minutes before their flight.

Specifically, this company has 21 terminals situated all over the US. These terminals render personalized service to its customers. Rather than having a remote national operation, it operates specific local operations.

It has a policy of safety practice and it’s also an International Business Aviation Council (IS-BAO) Stage 3 registered operator. All its pilots undertake professional training at Simuflite or Flight safety international. This company also has an ARGUS platinum safety rating.

Jet Linx also ensures good clients relationship. It has a well-serviced customer care team that renders personalized service to its clients. 

This company keenly delivers luxurious service to its clients. Clients have access to snacks and beverages onboard. It also has over 35 luxury partners to ensure exclusive services to its clients.

It was established in 1999 and the Chief Executive Officer is Jamie Walker.

Jet Linx services

  • It has a jet card membership option. This offers guaranteed private jet availability and an hourly rate for members. This service bridge the gap between aircraft ownership and charter.  
  • It offers an aircraft management service. It prides itself as the first and only company that offer the infrastructure, programs, and support of a national aircraft management company on a local scale.
  • This company also has a joint ownership option. This allows two individuals to jointly purchase a private jet. Each of the owners holds a 50% ownership while Jet Link manages all other aspects of the aircraft.
  • It renders private jet acquisition and sales support services to help individuals who seeks to purchase or sell private jets in doing so. This company guides buyers and sellers through the entire process and leverages its wide network.

Why to choose Jet Linx?

Jet Linx has 21 different terminals that render seamless, local, and personalized service. It also prioritizes good customer relationships, such that its customer-care department knows its clients’ names and details by heart.

Booking a flight here is a guarantee of maximum enjoyment on board- from exclusive access to a private terminal to special treatment on board. Additionally, they offer top-notch service.

Prices examples from Jet Linx for most popular USA destinations

Van Nuts Los Angeles and Las McCarran

  • Type of aircraft: Learner 31
  • Number of seats: 7 seats
  • Flight time: 45 minutes
  • Price: $5,900

La Vab Nuts and San Francisco International

  • Type of aircraft: Citation Mustang
  • Number of seats: 4 seats
  • Flight time: 1 hour 5 minutes
  • Price; $5,250

Van Nuts Los Angeles and Las McCarran

  • Type of aircraft: Learner 31
  • Number of seats: 7 seats
  • Flight time: 45 minutes
  • Price: $5,900
Jet Linx Most Popular USA Destinations

Pros and Cons of Jet Linx

The pros of engaging the service of Jet Linx include the following:


  • It has 21 private terminals which are only accessible to its clients. These terminals are equipped with first-rate facilities such as a private lounge, kitchenette, etc. Its clients also have access to valet service and an open bar with snacks and drinks. 
  • Clients don’t have to join the queue at the airport. All they have to do is to get to the venue within 15 minutes before their flight.
  • Through its different terminals, they render local and customized services to its clients. The company considers the peculiarities of its clients when booking flights.
  • It has a membership option for its clients too. It rewards members with flight credits for every referral. It also renders empty leg flight for its members. The empty leg flight is as cheap as $500 per hour. The membership is only available for a limited number of clients.
  • This company has access to over 100 aircraft such as light, midsize, super-midsize, and heavy jets. Particularly, it has different aircraft such as Challenger 600/601/604/650, Legacy 600/650, Citation X, Hawker 400, Falcon 50, etc.
  • It adheres to the highest standards of private jet safety. Its operational control standards are even more stringent than that of the FAA. All its pilots are trained in CAE Simuflite or Flight safety international.
  • It has a partnership with 4Air towards creating robust environmental sustainability in private aviation and reducing aviation emissions.
  • It renders a private jet ownership option by connecting two different persons to individually purchase 50% ownership of an aircraft. In this arrangement, Jet Linx manages the jet while the purchasers take benefit of the jet ownership.
  • Jet Linx has an Elevated Lifestyle package for its members. Its members have access to a portfolio of exclusive offers from its network of partners in the travel, transportation, libations, health, and fashion sectors, among others.
    For example, it has partnered with World-wide Boat- a boutique private yacht charter company. With this, its members have a special discount on yacht charter rates. 
    It also has partnerships with not less than 80 top-rated hotels globally.
  • It has an app with a user-friendly interface where clients can seamlessly book a flight at guaranteed hourly rates. The app also has a flight-sharing feature where clients can share flights.


On the other hand, the company has the following downsides:

  • It has a limited scope of operations, as it has only 21 terminals. It operates local operations and cannot effectively render global service. 
  • Jet Linx has just a limited number of over 100 aircraft. Compared with its other competitors, this is a lower number of aircraft. So, its clients don’t have access to choose their preferred aircraft from wide options.

How to book a flight with Jet Linx

  • Download the company’s app on Google’s play store or Apple store.
  • Fill in the required details such as name, email address, destination airport, departing airport, etc.
  • Thereafter, the instant quote pops up so you can check the flight cost for different types of aircraft.
  • You can then proceed to make payment for the flight.

Summary of Jet Linx

Its clients have access to personalized service. It also renders maximum comfort to clients while on board.

Jet Linx has an updated app where clients can book flights, make changes on booked flights, and receive important notifications such as aircraft delays.

To render excellent service to its clients, it has partnerships with over 80 hotels globally and other travel, fashion, etc companies.

FAQ About Jet Linx Private Jet Charter

What is Jet Linx?

It is a private jet membership and management company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. The company operates a fractional ownership program and a jet card program, as well as provides aircraft management services. Jet Linx was founded in 1999 by Current CEO, Jamie Walker, and President & COO, Dan Bubenzer.

What services does Jet Linx charter offer? 

Jet Linx offers a wide range of private jet charter services, from hourly charters to full jet ownership.
Some of the services offered by Jet Linx include:
-Private jet charter for individuals and groups
-Air cargo shipping
-Aircraft management and maintenance
-On-demand flight planning and coordination

Is Jet Linx charter expensive?

Jet Linx is a private aviation company that provides charter services to its clients. While the cost of Jet Linx services can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the size of the aircraft and the length of the flight, it is generally considered to be more expensive than commercial flying. However, many people feel that the cost is worth it for the convenience and luxury that Jet Linx offers.

What are the benefits of using Jet Linx charter? 

There are a number of benefits to using Jet Linx charter services. Some of the key benefits include:
1. You have access to a fleet of private jets, which means you can choose the jet that best suits your needs.
2. There is no need to worry about TSA screenings or long lines at the airport.
3. You can avoid having to deal with baggage restrictions and fees.
4. You get personalized service from a team of experts who are dedicated to making your travel experience as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.

How much does it cost to use Jet Linx charter?

It varies depending on the size and type of plane, as well as the length of the flight. However, Jet Linx quotes typically start at around $7,500 per hour.

Who are the target clients of Jet Linx?

The target clients of Jet Linx are individuals or businesses who require private jet travel on a regular basis.

Are there any restrictions on what you can bring on a private jet with Jet Linx?

If you’re traveling on a private jet with Jet Linx, there are no restrictions on what you can bring with you. You can pack everything you need for your trip – from clothes and toiletries to golf clubs and skis.

Who can use Jet Linx charter?

Just about anyone can use Jet Linx charter! Whether you’re an individual looking to book a private jet for a special trip or a business owner interested in flying your employees to a conference or event, Jet Linx can accommodate your needs.

Why should people use Jet Linx charter?

There are plenty of reasons to use Jet Linx charter. First and foremost, they’re a reliable company with a great track record. They have a team of experienced professionals who know how to get you where you need to go, safely and on time.

What is the process of booking a Jet Linx charter flight?

The process of booking a Jet Linx charter flight is similar to the process of booking a commercial airline flight. First, you need to find a flight that meets your needs and then you need to book the flight.
To find a flight, you can search for flights on Jet Linx’s website or you can contact Jet Linx’s sales team. Once you find a flight that meets your needs, you need to book the flight. To book the flight, you need to provide information such as your name, contact information, and credit card information. You also need to specify the number of passengers and luggage.

What amenities are included in the Jet Linx charter?

Jet Linx offers a wide range of amenities for their charter customers. Some of the amenities that are available include: inflight Wi-Fi, complimentary beverages, gourmet catering, and much more. You can also expect a top notch customer service experience from the moment you book your charter to the moment you arrive at your destination.

How does a Jet Linx private jet charter work?

A Jet Linx private jet charter works by allowing customers to book a flight on a private jet for a one-way or round-trip journey. Customers can choose from a variety of aircraft options, depending on their needs and budget. Jets are available for travel within the United States and to international destinations.

How is a Jet Linx private jet charter different from a commercial flight?

The biggest difference between a private jet charter and a commercial flight is that a private jet charter can be customized to your specific needs, while a commercial flight is more or less one size fits all. With a private jet charter, you can choose your own flight itinerary, airline, and even type of aircraft. You also have the option of bringing along pets, luggage, and other belongings without having to worry about weight restrictions or extra fees.

What are the different types of jets that are available with Jet Lix?

Jet Linx offer a variety of jet types, including:
-Whirlpool Jets
-Spa Jets
-Air Jets
-Bubble Jets
-Stainless Steel Jets

How much a trip from Los Angeles to New York would cost with Jet Linx charter?

The cost would be roughly $7,000-$9,000 with Jet Linx. This price range can vary depending on aviation fuel costs as well as the aircraft type that is used for your particular charter flight. For example, flying mid-week typically costs less than flying on weekends.