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Find out what the fastest private jets are in the world.

The Fastest Private Jets in the World

According to experts in the aviation industry, we are on the cusp of real advancements in travel by faster jets than ever before. Especially with the class of aircraft known as Supersonic Business Jets revolutionizing charter flights in private jets. Already still in development, the first SSBJ in the world is set to be launched in 2023 at the latest. The AS2 by Aerion is reportedly going to save businesses around 662 flight hours a year, with 34% of those accounting for international flights. That translates to a staggering 3 ½ weeks or 142 hours for each passenger.

While we await with great anticipation the introduction of the Aerion AS2, let’s take a look at 10 of the fastest private jets currently in use or production.

10. Bombardier Aviation Challenger 650

First on our list is the Challenger 650 private jet from Bombardier Aviation. Not only can this fly at 554mph and cover 4,000 nautical miles, but it offers a lot more. Thanks to the steep approach certification that this, like so many other Challenger aircraft before it, meets it can fly to and from tricky airports like Lugano in Switzerland and Aspen in Colorado and easily land in London City Airport. What stands out about the Challenger 650 though above all that is the fact its cabin dimensions are the widest for its class with room for 12 passengers. Add to that the fact it has the lowest operating costs mean that it is often the go-to option for private jet charter companies and corporate flight departments around the world.

The cockpit of the Challenger 650 is a high-tech affair that utilizes a cabin management software built from Ka-band-inspired tech to provide the world’s fastest internet connectivity while in the air.

9. Dassault Aviation Falcon 7X and Falcon 8X

Next up we have both the Falcon 7X and more recently launched 8X from Dassault Aviation. These can both reach speeds of Mach 0.90 leaving them sitting pretty in the speed rankings at around 600 miles per hour. The Falcon 8X boasts a cabin that’s 43-feet long and offers room for 14 passengers. It’s slightly higher than the Bombardier as it can fly without stopping across 7,400 nautical miles. Another aspect of both Falcon aircraft is their ability to handle the steep ascents and descents required for many of the world’s airports in awkward locations that bigger jets just can’t get to. Interestingly, the 8X also beats out many of Dassault’s rivals as its 35% more efficient when it comes to fuel use. This is largely due to the improved Pratt & Whitney Canada PW300 engines and the upgrades to the wing design.

Recently, the company curiously secured the trademark on 10X, leading experts in the industry to suspect Dassault’s first foray into the SSBJ market might be coming in the not too distant future.

8. Gulfstream Aerospace G550

From Gulfstream Aerospace, our 8th place fastest jet is the remarkable G550, which with 2 high-performance Rolls Royce-built engines is capable of greater thrust than other private jets of a similar class. It can cover a reasonable 6.750 nautical miles and reaches speeds of around 670 miles per hour making it an obvious choice for many business passengers looking to travel in style from city to city without requiring irritating layover. It’s not just the miles it can cover or the speed it can travel at though, that makes this a special private jet, it’s the comfort it provides its passengers. A maximum of can sit with the opportunity for 8 people to sleep.

With the company registering trademarks the names G1100 and G1200, though, and further entries into our list, it seems as if Gulfstream are looking to enter SSBJ sector.

7. Cessna Citation X+

Cessna had already made its mark on the private jet industry with the original Citation aircraft. In response to the demand from customers for an even faster plane, came the Citation X+, which is 7th in our list. Its passengers wanted faster and faster is what they got as this model can reach top speeds of just under 720 miles per hour. This is due to its Rolls Royce-built turbo fan AE3007C2 FADEC-controlled engines.

6. Bombardier Aviation Global 7500 and 8000 Jets

The second appearance of Bombardier Aviation in our list is for the Global 7000 and forthcoming 8000 models. Reportedly, their Global 7000 reached speeds of over 650 miles per hour in flight tests, making it the biggest of its kind to travel at such speeds. It was first launched into the private jet sector in December last year and can cover 7.700 miles non-stop at the slightly lower but nonetheless impressive operational speeds of around 610 miles per hour. Thanks to its 54-feet+ cabin dimensions, the company received a prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

Although it has yet to be launched, and is due in 2019, the Bombardier Global 8000 will be able to cover even greater distances of 7,900 miles.

5. Gulfstream Aerospace G500 and G600

Similarly, to the Gulfstream G650 model, listed next, the G500 and the G600 can reach the same flight speed of around 710 miles per hour. While the G500 can cover 5.750 nautical miles without stopping, the G600 can stay in the air for 7.130 nautical miles. Both aircraft can cater to 19 passengers with cabins that are 8-feet wide by 6-feet 4-inches tall, with the G500 measuring 41-feet 6-inches and G600 measuring just a bit more than 45-feet in length.

4. Gulfstream Aerospace G650 and G650ER

Another two entries from Gulfstream Aerospace are the G650 and G650ER. These max out with longer ranges than the previous two noted in our list above, with non-stop flight distances of around 8,055 nautical miles and 8,631 nautical miles. What does this actually mean in tangible terms? Well consider flying westward in the G650 can travel around the world within just a little more than 41-hours. These incredibly quick jets are already in the record books for 22 city-pair speeds. The cabins are generally sized at 47-feet long and can offer comfortable seating for 18 passengers and sleeping space for 10.

3. Bombardier Global 6000 and 6500

As we get closer to the top of our list, we have the Global 6000 and 6500 from Bombardier. Originally the Global 6000 was launched by Bombardier as the Global Express XRS. The great thing about this is the lighting and layout of the cabin have been greatly improved, while it is capable of longer ranged journeys and higher operational speeds than previous models. Its advanced flight range is improved by the inclusion of a 1,486-pounds fuel tank located at its wing root.

Other enhancements and improvements that the Global 6000 benefit from is the fact that it has cutting edge-mechanics and computer systems means the fuel tank is filled to full capacity around 15 minutes quicker. For many, the Bombardier Global 6000 is regarded by industry experts and fanatics alike to be one of the best and most advanced long flight range private jet designed for passengers and travelers who are highly demanding.

To join the G6000, Bombardier introduced the world to the G6500 in 2018, with this newer model being launched for service by December 2019. This model has been designed with an upgraded wing that provides an amazing high flight speed of around 690 miles per hour.

2. Dassault Aviation Falcon 900B

The second to the top, as far as we are concerned, is the Dassault Aviation Falcon 900 and 900B. While the Falcon 900 is capable of a flight range of around 4,598 nautical miles and can reach speeds of around 645 miles per hour. The 900B is a French-built business jet capable of seating an impressive 19 passengers and features an advanced S-duct-equipped centrally positioned engine, increase flight range and better engines overall.

What makes this such an impressive feat of private jet engineering? It’s an ingenious combination of materials in the fuselage (titanium, carbon fiber and Kevlar) meaning it has a much more lightweight build compared to similar twinjet models in the same class. Overall, this means it benefits from greater fuel efficiency.

1. Aerion AS2

Was there any chance it was going to be any other private jet at number one than the SSBJ from Aerion AS2? Development has not been completed, but the feeling in the industry is this 12-seater jet will really push things forward. Such is the interest in this SSBJ that Lockheed Martin and Airbus have been attached to its construction, with Boeing the latest to lend financial backing to see more than a decade’s worth of planning, designing and building come to fruition.
The plan is, once it has passed rigorous flight tests with a prototype for it to be certified as early as 2012. The speed Aerion are expecting the AS2 to reach is Mach 1.6, meaning it can travel at a jaw breaking 1,217 miles per hour. What does that mean for air travel?

Well, a New York to London flight could take a little under three hours to complete, completely revolutionizing the idea of what private jet travel means. As part of the company’s goal for business charter jet domination, they already have plans to build 5 test flight vehicles to help it achieve the necessary certification by 2025 at the latest. Following its work with Lockheed Martin, Airbus and now Boeing, the company also agreed to a special engine partnership contract with pioneers GE Aviation.

Deserving of an Honorable Mention – Lockheed Martin X-59 QueSST

A list involving the fastest private jets in the world, especially those reaching SSBJ classification would not be complete without giving a special nod to Lockheed Martin’s developments in this department. Consider first the SR-71 Blackbird from the company that was utilized by the United States Air Force as a reconnaissance craft for long-range missions from 1964 to 1998. That still has the pride of place at the top spot as the fastest in the world of its kind, capable of achieving 2,200 miles per hour.

Not content with just milking that standing, the company has been developing the X-59 QueSST pictured above. The cost of this aircraft is in the region of $247.5 million and the company hopes it will be the first to offer everyday civilians the benefits of supersonic air travel.

As hinted in its name, which is shorthand for Quiet Supersonic Technology, it promises to overcome the issue with supersonic flight that has derailed it in the past – sonic boom. It will hopefully be able to reach top speeds of Mach 2.2 in near silence.

The hope of Lockheed Martin is that it will be fully launched and available for flights by 2022. So, we would recommend you watch this space.

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