Fast Private Jet Review ✈ Private Jet Charter Prices Pros and Cons

Fast private Jet Fact Sheet

Parent organizationFast Private Jet s.r.l.
Founding year2018
License typePrivate
Headquarters address1140 Avenue of the Americas
9th Floor New York, N.Y. 10036
Via Pegrosse 508/D
37020 Dolcè (VR), Italy
What other services do they offerSales & Acquisition, Yacht Charter, Air ambulance, Luxury concierge, Aviation Specialist Support, VIP transfer, Helicopter Transfer
What types of charters they are offeringPrivate jet hire, cargo charter, group charter, yacht charter
Support contacts:USA:
01 917 594 44930
039 045 570 6512
Airports they are usingAirports all over the world
Aircraft offeredEntry level jet, light jet, midsize jet, supermidsize jet, heavy jet, ultra long range, VIP airliner
Average charter prices for 10 US cities$10,000 – $15,000 per hour
Information about their C-level team and founderMauro De Rosa, founder and CEO
Martina Vincenzi, founder and Managing Director

about Fast private Jet

Fast Private Jet is an authorized agent that facilitates private jet charters to its clients. It helps clients search for the best aircraft available for all kinds of trips and obtain the best available aircraft through the selected network of air taxi companies operating with private jets.

Fast Private Jet Services

It prides itself as a leading private jet company that provides cutting-edge private jet service. It has 135 direct air carriers operating and exercising full operational control of flights. Fast private jets uses air careers that meet all standards of the Federal Aviation Administration, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASE).

Fast Private jet charter has certified experts in aviation logistics and professionals with over twenty years of experience. 

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Why to Choose Fast Private Jet?

It also has a customer service comprising of agents with vast knowledge in aviation services, especially in their different designated geographical areas. The customer care service is available to customers, right from flight booking till landing, providing helpful information and relevant support.

It provides one of the swiftest customer care services all over the world. The customer care team responds to e-mails within 15 minutes while offering daily 24-hour service. Time is not a barrier here! It’s also big on data privacy. It uses its discretion to consider any customer’s special request for confidentiality.

All the partners of Fast Private Jets are Aeronautical operators certificate holders. The chief executive officer is Mauro De Rosa. It’s located at 1140 Avenue of the America 9th Floor New York, N.Y. 10036.

Prices Examples For Most Popular USA Private Jet Companies Destinations

The prices of the common USA private jet destinations can be described as follows:

Private jet destinations

New York Teterboro to Boston Logan

  • Type of aircraft: Beechraft King Air
  • Number of seats: 8 seats
  • Flight time: 1 hour 5 minutes
  • Price: $4,400

La Vab Nuts to San Francisco International

  • Type of aircraft: Citation Mustang
  • Number of seats: 4 seats
  • Flight time: 1 hour 5 minutes
  • Price; $5,250

Van Nuts Los Angeles to Las McCarran

  • Type of aircraft: Learner 31
  • Number of seats: 7 seats
  • Flight time: 45 minutes
  • Price: $5,900

Washington Dullies Int’l and New York Teterboro

  • Type of aircraft: 8 seats
  • Flight time: 45 minutes
  • Price: $8,600

New York Teterboro and Miami Opa Locka

  • Type of aircraft: Citation. XL
  • Number of seats: 8 seats
  • Flight time: 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Price: $20,300

Pros and Cons of fast private jet

The Fast private jets has the following pros:


  • It has a 24-hour responsive online service where clients can request free quotations of flight charges. It also has a swift e-mail response structure that ensures response to every mail within 15 minutes
  • They are a team of experts who have over 20 years of experience in the private aviation industry. They know the best planes and operators for your specific trip, and can get you a great deal on your charter flight.
  • It affords maximum privacy to passengers, making it suitable for business meetings and conferences while on board.
  • It has an affiliate plus program suitable especially for public figures with a fan base who fancy luxurious aircraft travel. Members are given commission on every referral who successfully book a flight. To further boost customer relations, a private aviation advisor is allocated to each affiliate to offer support.
  • It also has a referral program. Every client who refers a new client will be given a credit of €1,000 on each referral who successfully books a flight. The referral credit has no cumulative limits. Also, the referred client will get a 5% discount on the first private jet charter.
  • Fast private jets is cost-effective. It helps clients select the best available cost-effective aircraft from the network of aircraft it can access. Not only that, it gives clients quotations of three different available aircraft with necessary details to choose from. This affords its clients to choose their most preferred, suitable aircraft.
  • A Passenger who books a flight through Fast private jet is signing up for luxurious treatments while on board. It offers world-class, luxurious, and exquisite treatments to passengers. Passengers won’t experience any inconvenience associated with commercial flights such as long queues.
  • Fast Private Jets offers a wide variety of aircraft options, from light jets to large airliners, so you can find the perfect plane for your needs. Plus, they have access to exclusive last-minute deals.
  • It has wide payment options, ranging from Bitcoin, PayPal, etc.
  • offers a convenient, user-friendly online booking system for private jet charters.

Contrastingly, the downsides of Fast private jets are:


  • It has a strict cancellation policy. If a client cancels a flight, this usually comes with a heavy penalty. A client who cancels a flight 24 hours before the departure time would forfeit all of the paid flight amount.
  • It is not available in all countries of the world. Its service is largely restricted to Europe.

Summary of FAST Private jets

The online portfolio of Fast private jets is credible and makes it easy for clients to virtually connect with it. It has a professional, well-detailed, user-friendly, and accurate website. The 15 minutes e-mail response is highly commendable. It’s one of its class.

It has a simplified procedure for flight booking. It has professional, swift customer service. Upon request, clients get quotations in a jiffy. Fast Private Jet is also cost-effective as it has no hidden charges whatsoever. Taxes and airport fees are all included in the quotation. E-mails of quotations are always sent. 

It has a high level of transparency and professionalism. To have easy booking procedures coupled with luxurious treatments on board at a cost-effective price, Fast private jet is the go-to.

How To Book a Flight With Fast private Jet

You can book a flight online by:

  1. Visiting the website–
  2. On the company’s homepage, request a free quotation by filling out the quotation form. You will need to input necessary details such as the departure airport, destination airport, departure date, return date, number of passengers, name, email address, phone number, etc.
  3. A quotation would be sent to your mail thereafter, indicating three different available aircraft and necessary information such as the type of the aircraft, etc. You would have to choose out of the provided available aircraft.
  4. Upon getting the quotation price, you can make payment via any of the provided payment platforms such as PayPal, Paynode, GPay, etc. You can also pay in Bitcoin.

Alternatively, you can place a call to a customer care representative by dialing +390455706512. Generally, booking a flight with Fast private jet is seamless.

Book a flight with Fast Private Jet


What is Fast Private Jet Charter? is a private jet rental company that offers luxury air travel at a fraction of the cost of traditional airlines.

What services does offer? 

FastPrivateJet.comp rovides the highest quality private jet charter services available. They offer a range of services to meet your every need, including but not limited to:
-Charter flights
-Air cargo services
-Aircraft management
-Aircraft sales and acquisitions
-Maintenance and repairs
-Aviation consulting

How does Fast Private Jet compare to other private jet companies?

If you’re looking for a private jet charter company, is a great option. They offer a variety of services to their clients, including air charter services, aircraft management, and aviation consulting.
Air charter services allow you to use their fleet of jets for your personal or business travel needs. Aircraft management provides you with a team of experts who will handle all the details of owning and operating your own jet, so you can focus on enjoying your flight. And aviation consulting gives you access to their knowledge and experience in the industry, so you can make the best decisions for your own travel needs.

Who are the target clients of is a private jet charter company that offers flights to and from anywhere in the world. Their target clients are people who need to travel quickly and efficiently, without having to worry about airport delays or long security lines. They offer a wide range of aircraft options and can accommodate any size group. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, is the perfect choice for hassle-free air travel.

How much would it cost to book a flight on

The cost of booking a flight on will depend on a few factors, including the time of year that you book your flight and the specific details about your trip itinerary, like the number of people flying and the routes you’ll be taking. But generally speaking, you can expect to pay around $4,000 – $10,000 per hour for a private jet rental.

What are the benefits of chartering Fast Private Jet?

There are many benefits to chartering with Fast Private Jet. Here are a few of the top reasons:
1. Schedule flexibility – With a private jet, you can choose your departure and arrival times, which gives you more control over your travel schedule.
2. Privacy and convenience – Chartering a private jet provides privacy and convenience, as you avoid long security lines and TSA screenings. You can also bring along your pets and luggage without any hassle.
3. No delays – A private jet is not subject to airport delays or cancellations, so you can rest assured that your flight will take off on time.
4. Convenient catering – Enjoy delicious meals on board tailored to your specific dietary needs.

Are there any restrictions on who can charter with Fast Private Jet?

There are generally no restrictions on who can charter a private jet. Whether you’re an individual or a company, there are jets available to suit your needs and budget. However, it’s important to do your research before selecting a charter company, as not all of them are alike. There are some things you’ll want to consider, such as:
-How much experience does the charter company have?
-What kind of reputation do they have?
-What is their safety record like?
-Do they have a good selection of jets to choose from?
-Are their rates competitive?

Are there any restrictions on what you can bring on a private jet with Fast Private Jet?

There are generally no restrictions on what you can bring on a jet with Fast Private Jet, as long as it is legal and doesn’t pose a security threat. You can bring food, alcohol, pets, and even large items like sporting equipment or musical instruments. However, it is always best to check with the company beforehand to make sure that there are no size or weight restrictions on luggage or other items.

How do I know if chartering with Fast Private Jet is the right choice for me?

There are a few things to consider when deciding if chartering a private jet is the right choice for you. First, think about your budget. Private jets can be expensive, so you’ll need to make sure you can afford the upfront cost as well as the ongoing costs of flying (if you’re planning on using the jet regularly). Second, consider your travel needs. If you’re only traveling occasionally or in small groups, chartering a private jet may not be necessary. Third, look at the different options available from Fast Private Jet and compare them to other private jet charter companies to see what best meets your needs. Be sure to ask lots of questions and get all the information you need before making a decision.

What are the different types of private jets that are available with Fast Private Jet?

Industry-leading private jet provider Fast Private Jet offers a variety of aircraft options to suit your specific needs and preferences. Here is an overview of some of the different types of jets that are available through our company:
-Small Jets: Perfect for shorter trips or when you need to transport a smaller group, our small jets seat up to eight passengers and include options like the Cessna Citation VII and Gulfstream G150.
-Medium Jets: Ideal for medium-sized groups or longer journeys, our medium jets seat up to 12 passengers and featureoptions like the Bombardier Challenger 300 and Hawker 400XP.
-Large Jets: perfect for larger groups or when you need maximum range and luggage space.

Can I book a one-way flight with Fast Private Jet charter?

Yes, you can book a one-way flight with Fast Private Jet charter. However, keep in mind that one-way flights may be more expensive than round-trip flights, and availability may be limited. To learn more about private jet charter and find the best option for your needs, contact Fast Private Jet charter.

What are the most popular destinations flying for Fast Private Jet?

The most popular destinations flying for Fast Private Jet are typically those locations where there is high demand for private jet travel and limited supply of aircraft.
Some of the most popular destinations include Aspen, New York City, Los Angeles, and London. These destinations are in high demand due to their close proximity to major metropolitan areas and the large number of private jet operators that service these airports.

How many people can fit on a private jet with Fast Private Jet?

At Fast Private Jet, they have a variety of private jets that can accommodate different group sizes. The smallest jet, the Falcon 2000S, can seat up to 8 people, while the largest jet, the Gulfstream V, they can seat up to 16 people. So whether you’re looking to fly with a large group or just a few close friends, they have a private jet that will fit your needs.