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Are you looking for a career in Aviation?

If you want to work in aviation, you will want to undertake one of the top courses.  The UK offers some of the best university courses in the world and provides exciting routes into becoming a pilot, aerospace engineer or aviation management. Not only is a career that promises travel but also opportunities for progression and a comfortable salary.

Here we explore the top ten aviation courses available in the UK and suggest why you would want to consider this option for your future.  You don’t have to rely on our opinion, these recommendations come from the Air Charter Service, a trusted expert in the sector.

University of Leeds

Based in the north of England, the University of Leeds is a top-rated higher education institution. The three-year Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies is a bachelor’s degree that focuses on flight training and the design of aircraft. There are many modules to cover, including looking at the current issues facing the sector, such as environmental concerns and the innovation of the latest technologies. As well as classroom-based learning, students will experience 10-hours of flight training and Civil Aviation ground exams. As a student, you will work towards your Private Pilot’s Licence.

The University of the West of England

Commonly known as UWE, this university is situated to the north of Bristol. Bristol is a hub of the aviation industry in the UK and a great place to undertake your studies. The opportunities for on the job experience are high in this region. The university offers a four-year undergraduate course, as well as post-graduate studies in Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies.

The institution claims that these courses have been designed for aerospace engineers and begins students on a journey to becoming a technical specialist in the sector. If you choose this university, you will study modules in manufacturing processes, thermodynamics, and exploration of the innovation of materials used in aerospace engineering. You will be given the opportunity to design, build and test your aircraft prototypes, as well as take a work placement year.

Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University is based in beautiful countryside at the heart of the UK. The course offered by this university is perfect for those who want to work as engineers, pilots, or managers in aviation. The course focuses on Aeronautical Engineering course and there is an emphasis on flight deck design. Students will use CAD software to study fly-by-wire computer and propulsion systems.

As with Bristol, you will be given the option of taking an additional year of work experience, which is the best practice when dealing with such a practical and ever-evolving sector. You will also be given the opportunity to undertake a practical flight element, with training in a glider and in simulators.

Brunel University London

You would hope that a university named after the eminent engineer Brunel would offer an exceptional engineering program. Indeed, there is a stellar range of courses in aviation, including a four-year Aviation Engineering with Pilot Studies up to master’s degree. The fourth year of this course is devoted to work experience, which is aided by the close ties that the university enjoys with Heathrow Airport. Students are given the opportunity to experience work in commercial and private aircraft companies. There are also modules in aeronautics, thermofluids and aircraft design.

University of Hertfordshire

You can take a three-year Aerospace Technology with Pilot Studies course at Hertfordshire. There is an emphasis on computer-aided engineering in this course, with students developing skills in 3D modelling, computer-aided analysis, manufacture, and simulation. For those aspiring to pilot a plane, there is also a chance to use flight simulators. In the second half of the course, there is also a chance to train at a flight centre and work towards a pilot’s licence. There is a pilot training scholarship available for top-performing students to use after graduation.

University of Nottingham

There are courses for both graduate and post-graduates at Nottingham University. The places on this course are competitive as the institution is renowned for its world-leading facilities, with the best laboratories and access to some of the best guest lecturers from the global aerospace sector. If you want to be an aviation engineer, this is the pre-eminent course, with modules in electric aircraft, propulsion systems and aerospace manufacturing.

Kingston University London

When you are hoping to work in a global industry it makes sense to train in a university that is in one of the world’s greatest capital cities. Kingston University is in the heart of London and offers an Aviation Operations with Commercial Pilot Training degree course. Do you want to be an airline pilot? This is the degree that you should take. The course offers 15 months of integrated flight training and you will gain your frozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL). You will also access a lot of the technical theory, as well as enjoy a year of work experience in the sector.

University of Sheffield

You will choose Sheffield if you want to go into aviation engineering. You will specialise through your time on your course, choosing an area of study that interests you most. You can undertake modules in project management, structural materials and flight instrumentation, to name a few. More exciting, the university has links with Yorkshire Universities Air Squadron, which offers you the opportunity to undertake flight instruction as part of the course.

University of Salford

Based in Manchester, arguably one of the UK’s most dynamic cities, you can qualify with an Aircraft Engineering with Pilot Studies degree. However, the focus here is on solving complex aircraft engineering tasks. The practical modules seek to apply the theory of maths and science in engineering problems. You will also enjoy 45 hours of flight training and get the opportunity to achieve your Private Pilot’s Licence.

University of Liverpool

If you really want to become a specialist in the sector, then Liverpool is the best base for your studies. You can study Aerospace Engineering up to PhD level. Like Nottingham, Liverpool is renowned for its cutting-edge laboratories.

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