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Find out what the 5 most expensive jets are in the world!

The 5 Most Expensive Private Jets In the World

Owning a jet cannot be just for wealthy people, more for the wealthiest among us. But the amount of jets owned by private individuals is rising rapidly. Because of this you have statistically more chance of flying on one of the private jets these days more than any other. We can look and see who owns private jets and the exact value of them.

The wealthiest men in the world, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, both have private jets. While there were fewer billionaires this year than there were last year, there are still a great many billionaires left in the world. In fact, there are 2153 billionaires according to Forbes. And private jets are something that billionaires love for getting around more quickly than flying by regular aircraft. It saves time, and therefore money.

Many billionaires don’t just want a jet though. They want to thoroughly pimp those jets up, so they reflect the wealth and tastes of the ultra-wealthy. When you look inside these private jets you will find luxury that is only found in the best hotels in the world.

You can find gold everywhere. Gold trim on the double doors that are dotted throughout the planes. Gold on the crockery and cutlery. Gold sinks and gold taps. It’s awesome the amount of money invested in these jets.

It’s not just the gold that makes the jets so impressive. Even if you look in the cabin, you cannot help be impressed by the touch screen controls and electronically linked joysticks.

Everything you have ever wanted you will find on the private jets of the rich and famous. Beautiful cashmere blankets, leather seats everywhere. Fabulous designer crockery and glasses. Every touch is there to promote luxury and privilege. Even the flowers beside the beds are real, no fake flowers here!

Some private jets even have underfloor heating under marble flooring. Imagine getting out of bed, your feet feeling the smooth marble – and yet it’s warm. No need for slippers, just pad barefoot to your gold bathroom to use go through your morning ablutions.

How about your own 5-star restaurant in your private plane? Yes, private jets have beautiful dining areas with kitchens so that the staff can prepare the food for you and your family. Whatever you want to eat it can be prepared in the fully stocked kitchens. It is the life that we can only dream of.

Travelling by Private Jet – The Sky’s the Limit

The number of people with who are ultra-wealthy (folk with $50 million dollars or more) is set to grow by 43% by the year 2022. The numbers that are demi-billionaires – people whose net worth exceeds $500 million – is also set to rise by 39% by the same time period. And as this wealth increases, so to the number of private jets will increase. You might feel that the chances of flying in a luxury jet is small, but it is statistically becoming more and more likely.

While the general increase is likely, the amount of billionaires in 2019 is lower than in 2018 by 55. The net value of the billionaires on the list is $8.7 trillion, down slightly from last year’s sum. Economic downturns obviously still affect the wealthiest people, too.

China has 49 fewer billionaires than it did last year, generally the Asia-pacific area is the most affected by the loss of billionaires. The US and the Americas have the most billionaires including 14 out of the top 20 billionaires. The top two billionaires, or the two most wealthy are Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. There is fresh blood though, 195 new billionaires joined the ranks. So, to buy a private jet, what sort of money will they be spending?

5. Bombardier Global 7000 is $73 Million

This private jet was created in Montreal Canada for Bombardier. The world has been waiting for this amazing private jet because of some financial troubles within Bombardier, so we are more than pleased to see it now fully completed.

It is powered by turbofan engines and travels at 1142 mph. With a range of more than 8500 miles, this jet will travel from New York, US to Sydney Australia – on just one tank of fuel. There are 19 seats but obviously the jet can be customized to the buyer’s specifications. They can even specify a bedroom to be fitted. At 111 meters it is the longest private jet there is. Although other private jets are longer, they are just airline planes that have been converted.

This is truly a long-distance private jet that is purpose built for someone’s pleasure. It has a full dining room, a multi-media room which contains an entertainment theatre and a private bedroom. Can you imagine the ultimate joy of going to your own comfy bed in one country and waking up, bright and refreshed in another? Awesome!

4. Gulfstream G65 0ER

At number four on we have one of the pricier private jets – a Gulfstream G65 0ER. This is a flagship product for Gulfstream. It costs an amazing $66.5million, and it comes with many of the goodies you might expect from a private jet, and the complete cabin system is controlled by the recommended smartphone app!
The range of this jet is more than 7500 miles. It can fly for 15 hours straight!

It has a leather interior along with wooden veneers and stonework handcrafted by stone professionals. It is truly lovely with three spacious cabins. There is a conference cabin with seats and screens to watch videos or screenshots. Four single seats mean that executives can work together and at the other end of the cabin are seats with a table. Want more space? The two adjacent seats also have a table that can be pulled out so everyone can sit together.

It’s not all about work though, in the middle of this cabin is a relaxation section with a three-seater sofa opposite a pop-up HD TV.

Next along is a private cabin to work by yourself, although it also has a sofa with three seatbelts, but tuck the seatbelts in and you have a comfortable bed. The bathroom is lovely – forget those tiny bathrooms on commercial planes. The stone sink is set in a spacious shelf and there is floor to ceiling cupboard for clothes or bathroom essentials. The bathroom is approximately six-foot-wide and the width of the plane. Plenty of room to catch up with the newspapers!

You could get some fabulous tips for your own home from a trip in this particularly special private plane!

3. Boeing 747-8 VIP is $367 million

Clients have equipped these 747-8 with complete bathrooms, living rooms and master bedrooms with awesome moving sky windows.

No private jet is complete without a cabin for guests, and of course it has a bathroom that is en-suite. It also includes an office and a meeting room. Dotted around are wide screen TV’s and two living spaces with sofas. It wouldn’t be complete without the dining room seating 14 people. Speeding along at 645 mph it has a range equaling 9,200 miles.

The two planes that are used for presidents are called Air Force One and Air Force Two, and they were Boeing 747-200s. Now they have been retired and instead the Boeing 747-8s are being used.
Jets from the Russian airline known as Transaero, which was going to go bankrupt, have been bought and have been fitted with the necessary telecommunications also security equipment they will be valued at $660 million.

Also added is the mobile hospital including specialist doctors, operating theater and other staff.
It can carry one hundred passengers, 26 crew members and has 85 phones as well as 19 TVs, computers and more.

2. Airbus A380

The Airbus 380 is the world’s largest private jet. It is owned by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud. It is used by some airlines to seat 800 passengers, obviously without the facilities that the Prince has added. It is currently priced $432.6 million, perhaps the most expensive plane in the world. It was supposed to be a commercial aircraft, but it is popular as a very large private jet.

The Saudi Prince Talal al-Saud turned his Airbus 380 into a palace that flies including space for his Rolls Royce. Three floors boast both a lift and a spiral staircase. The lounge, decorated in cream and red, has a long table that seats about 12 people. The other side of the width of the plane are four seat sections with tables so you can play chess or mahjong.

Behind the lounge is the dining area. It has a table with 12 seats, all leather clad, in cream leather with blue trim. The crockery is blue and gold – it certainly looks like pure gold on the cups. And don’t forget the Versace crystal glasses!

The edges of every set of double doors is gold. The sink in the bathroom is gold and the taps are gold too. A sneaky look into the bedrooms shows the level of comfort you would expect in a five-star hotel. It does boast four family suites (VIP standard of course) and the prayer room including mats that automatically rotate to face Mecca. For his delight a hall for concerts including a piano, also the Turkish baths. Sadly, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud doesn’t own the 380 Airbus anymore, as he sold it to a cleverly anonymous buyer.

1. Airbus Abi340-300

The top of the list is the Airbus Abi340-300 which is the property of Alisher Usmanov, a wealthy Russian businessman. When used commercially it can seat 300 passengers, has a fast speed of 567mph and its range is 8512 miles. The billionaire Usmanov named his jet Bourkhan which was his dads name. It has quad engines it can fly any flight-way in the world. It has had an extensive refit with many VIP addons.

Honorable Mention – B2 Spirit

This military aircraft was first launched in 1989. The Kosovo War was raging, but this B2-Spirity flew a great many sorties. This fighter plane has a design called “continuous curvature”. It is different because the lines of the plane defect radar detection. One of the ways it does this is by its cross section – the part that is picked up by radar – which is just 13 inches square, around the size of a pigeon.

This plane can get to a fastest speed 616 miles per hour, or as it is described in military terms 0.81 Mach. The range of the plane is 6,000 miles. Refueling is essential every six hours. $135,000 each hour is the operating cost.

The designers had to make provision for food for the long journeys and increased airtime, so this plane includes a hot plate, so the pilot can prepare food. There is also a toilet – obviously necessary, and a bed. One pilot can sleep while the other flies and vice versa. This means that flyer fatigue is reduced.

There are lots of technological gizmos such as a quad fly-by-wire control system, along with many others. One of the most interesting perhaps is the way the engines are not visible – having them in the wing means they are less likely to be picked by radar. It also means heat tracing is more difficult.

If you are one of the many successful people from different walks of life, you might feel you will never see the inside of a private jet. But no doubt you like to travel in style. Just because you are not at demi-billionaire levels, it doesn’t mean you will never travel by private jet.

It’s exciting to know that Emirates, on the LA – Dubai route, offers many of the luxuries available on private jets. Think about spa facilities, fully mattress beds and individual mini bars. All available in a partitioned private suit! This service is popular with businessmen and Hollywood stars. If you want to luxury of a private jet without the price tag, then you can fly like the ultra-wealthy. Well, you can if you can afford the ticket at $33,000!

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