There are many Private Jet Charters in the US.

Find a charter that’s right for you and your needs with just one click of an button!

Compare Private Jets for Business and Leisure Purposes

Compare Private Jet Charters

We know that business professionals are always on-the go, so we make sure to find the best charter service for them. We compared aircraft charters for business professionals, to make sure they’re getting the most out of their time.


Business Jet Charter

We’re here to help you find the best private jet charter for your next business trip. We compare more than 35 providers so that we can get an idea of what’s available and provide our readers with one consolidated list, as well!


What Is It Like to Fly Private?

Luxury and Comfort

Flying is a pleasure and we’ll make your charter experience as luxurious, comfortable or exciting for you to enjoy.

Choice of Aircraft

We do the work for you! Our team of experts compare 75,000 private airplanes and 100 different aircraft types. We always supply a choice that will get your trip off on track with ease.

Private Terminals

Avoid the hassle of a public terminal and board your plane just minutes before take-off.

Save Time 

With charter flights from a variety of airlines, we put together the perfect flight for you. No matter what your time or location requirements are we have something that will work out perfectly.

We Compare Over 75.000 Private Airplanes

Find a charter that’s right for you and your needs with just one click of an button!

The Benefits of Private Charter

Multiple Stops

Private jets offer a faster and more convenient way to get from point A all the way back home. If you’re an executive in charge of running your company, then using private charter services will allow for multiple stops during one day which could mean reaching three or four different destinations with time still left over before dinnertime.

Safety and Security

Flying private is the ultimate way to enjoy travel in your own aircraft cabin with only friends and family by invitation. All information about passengers, schedules or destinations will remain confidential throughout every journey. You can invite only those passengers with whom you desire, keeping everything confidential in your own aircraft cabin.

Hard-To-Reach Destinations

Private jets are a great way to get access where commercial flights don’t go. They offer more convenience and flexibility than their counterparts. Private planes offer a more convenient way to travel than commercial airlines because they can land at smaller airports that may not be accessible by larger jets.

Your pet can fly with you

If you’re looking to take your pet with on the plane, be sure they are allowed and fees apply. A private jet will allow them in seat next-to yours so they can enjoy their comfort just as much as ours!

Private Lounges and Terminals

Private jets are the way to go if you’re looking for speed and convenience. They’ll take care of everything from picking up your friends, driving them directly onto their plane at an airport that has private terminals just so they can avoid long queues like everyone else does during public flights.

Choice of Aircraft and Interior

The private jet charter service offers a wide range of aircraft sizes with luxurious interiors such as leather seats, sofas and satellite phones. Now you decide what’s right for your needs.

Private Jet Charter Services

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